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    Default man and machine

    in perfect harmony.....

    just in case you haven't seen this (over 5.5 million hits since November) beautifully shot, great music and unbelievable bike skills and machine in perfect harmony ....

    edit: i advise viewing on youtube @ 1080p

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    That is very impressive stunts and I like the camera work too

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    Not my scene at all, but I think I'll give up now. That was superb.

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    I remember seeing this on the IOV site. It's very good isn't it. I couldn't believe it when he did the somersault of the wall of Edinburgh Castle. A really well shot video.

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    super nice video

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    Holy crap! That bit on top of the telephone booth was great. I wonder how much this guy spends weekly in rims and spokes?

    I used to be able to ride a bike backwards when I was a kid. Probably still could is I could find one with handlebars to fit my old-man-butt.

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