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Thread: multiple pip event pan/crop keyframing problem

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    Default multiple pip event pan/crop keyframing problem

    I am using Vegas Movie Studio 10. I am attempting to insert multiple pip's into a video. the pip's will appear one at a time in the center of the video and then fly up into the corner (using keyframes) as the next one appears in the center. i will eventually have about 12 pip's positioned up in the corner of the video in 2 rows...
    my problem is that after the 1st pip, the keyframing/ positioning of the subsequent pip's are not positioning correctly. the preview image i get when setting up the keyframed pip's is good, everything flys into the correct spot, and when i play the movie in vegas before rendering the positioning is good, but every time i render, the pip's fly into a location that is not where i positioned them when using the event pan/crop keyframe tool... the 1st pip works fine, all others do not render in the position i want them
    i have tried a work around by rendering the video with 1 pip panned into the correct position, and then adding a single pip (the next one in the sequence of 12) and then rendering again, but it still flys into the wrong position, even though it looks perfect in the preview window... it still renders incorrectly....
    any thoughts on what i am doing wrong?
    thank you

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    I'm not an expert with this kind of thing but it's often to do with not setting the project properties to accurately reflect the media you are using.

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    Thanks for your thoughts...
    Im using random sized still images for my PIP events. When they get imported, then i use the event pan/crop function & keyframes to zoom out to my desired size and position on top of the main video event....
    not sure what to do with the project properties.....

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    Yes, having different media resolutions does make it more troublesome but I'm sure this is do-able. I would keep the properties to fit the main video properties. Your solution will eventually lead to to much image degradation.

    There are some people on the forum who are more expert than me. I know they will ask for all your settings before they can help so if you post your media info. Type, resolution etc. the project properties and the intended rendering properties this will help them to help you.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue
    Im using 16:9 format HD video and various sized .png stills for my pip events. The .png's are around 140 pixels x 100 pixels. When I add them to the timeline they fill the whole video frame and I use the event pan/crop + keyframes to shrink them and then fly them into a corner of the main video event. I am rendering to .wmv @ the 6mbps option (medium high setting)

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