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Thread: i3 550 and 5 gb ram

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    Default i3 550 and 5 gb ram

    is cpu i3 550 on a h55 motherbord with 5 gb of ram good for hd video editing using canon t2i 550d
    if not i need some advice?

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    I would recommend a higher spec for editing DSLR footage.

    For general advice, there are plenty of existing threads and articles which will help you chose a PC that meets your needs. If you would like further advice, please be as specific as possible. That way we can tailor our response to your particular needs.

    Some questions for you to consider:

    • Do you have existing software that you use for editing, if so, what is this?
    • Are the quoted specs your current PC, or is this a new PC?
    • What is your budget?
    • What is your experience, and what are you looking to get out of video editing?

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    I use Sony Vegas pro nine and after effects and I'm trying to make music video if there is a way to upgrde my system I would like to know my budget can go to 300


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