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Thread: First video try! Mountain bike movie

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    Default First video try! Mountain bike movie

    hi, this is my first video

    recorded with a reflex nikon d3100

    edit with sony vegas 10


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    Not bad for a first video. A bit of a sudden end as though this isn't all there is to see. I hope the nutter on the bike has put his brain back in his head. lol

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    That's really good, and if it's your first attempt you'll go a long way. I've watched a lot of of mountain bike video's and can clearly see that you've also watched, and studied, them too. You've successfully stuck too a very standard format with your introduction, your camra positions and your editing style. That's a good thing, emulation before speculation.

    Your choce of music might not be so standard, and it works well.

    When do we get to se the pulley/harness shots tracking the action, you know the ones. I always fancied a go at that.

    Thanks for the video,


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    Thank you all!! I'm from italy and i don't know english language very well, sorry for what i write ;D

    Unluckly for me i haven't a lot of time for recording video, but that is only a test!! For this spring i hope to finish it... With a combination of scenes, on board and outboard!!

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