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Thread: Help me with this Effect!

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    Default Help me with this Effect!

    Ok so I am trying to achieve this effect>
    Please watch the first ten seconds.Im having trouble with achieving this effect.Can anyone tell me how the "camera moves through the wall" effect could be made and how those rough white flashes could be created?Im a beginner..I have some experience with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere though. Can you Please help me out?The only reason that I signed up here was to find out how this effect could be achieved! Thanks!

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    This harder to explain than to do. It is basically moving the camera as close to the wall as possible there may be a slight recess with the window which helps. Then shoot the same hight from inside the house moving the camera away from the wall. The key to doing this effectively is matching speed. Then in editing match up the two shots and put a moving split screen effect as a transition. Again the matching of the speed is crucial to making it look real.

    Perhaps a simpler method would be to open the window and simply pass the camera through it BUT that would be to simple.

    The white flashes are just short bits of white media plopped on the time line.

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    Default More help:P

    Any idea on how I could make or where I could download the sound effect which comes when the white media pops up?Thanks

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    Try doing a search on I've found it to be a good sourse for this kind of thing.

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