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    Default Noob needs software

    I have been combing the internet for months trying to figure out what software would be the best choice for me. The quality of the final product is more important than ease of use. I am prepared to spend some time learning the new software. Also, price is somewhat important but the quality of the final video trumps cheap software.

    I have been considering Sony Vegas but I am super confused by all the different versions. Additionally the internet contains sites with lists of resellers that are charging vastly different amounts for what appears to be the same software. The price differences are so big in some cases that it makes me wonder if they are selling the same thing or if I am missing some specifications somewhere. For example what is the difference between Sony Vegas "Pro 10" and "Movie Studio"?

    I have been using Windows Movie Maker (go ahead and cringe if you must) and have had ok results, but now I am wanting to take it to the next level. The first big problem with WMM is that the version I have doesn't take HD video. Since I bought an HD cam I need something that will take the footage. For some of my more highly edited videos I spent about an hour of editing per minute of final video and this is acceptable to me.

    Here are the features I am really looking for.
    - Edits HD video taken with the several different brands of cams I will be using
    - Doesn't require a super computer to run. (I have 4 gigs of ram on my dell machine running XP sp2)
    - Doesn't require a second mortgage on my home to buy. (less than $500 reasonable?)
    - Creates a highly polished final product. (I am willing to put in the time)

    I am also willing to consider past versions if they are relatively comparable in features and will save me a few bucks. For example, is Vegas 10 that much better than Vegas 9?

    Here is a video that has just about everything I am looking for in it as far as effects. (I have no affiliation with this video, it is just a really good example of what I want to be able to do) I really like the text overlays they use. Is this sort of stuff pretty standard across software?

    Bottom line, I appreciate any guidance you can give me. If I am being unreasonable or missing something major please let me know. I am just totally bogged down with all this info!

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    HERE is a comparison Table of the different Vegas software. You should be able to produce edits like this example with most editing software. Providing your ability to use a camera is up to scratch.

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    That is exactly the chart I needed to see! It looks like the Production Suite version @ $129 would be the best place to start. It seems to give a pretty good mix of features and price. Reviewing its system requirements, it looks like it should run on my machine without any trouble. I just have to check what SP my XP is running.

    I will be picking this up soon and tinkering with it. I will undoubtedly be back here asking for tips and tricks. Through the basic editing I have done with WMM I have figured out some ways to make the videos look more professional but I have a feeling this is going to open up an entirely new world!

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Sorry couldn't resist throwing my bit in here.......the most simplistic division first mac or PC? if PC, it simply must be Sony Vegas, mainly because it has some very advanced features that are only matched by the very best video editing software, like for instance the ability to be able to play your video in the trimmer window without pre-rendering, if you are editing a lot of footage this is a big time saver. From there, which version? 9 is not that much different to 10, although I have personally found that compatability issues are far better with 10, I haven't looked into it, but I am guessing that they obviously updated all sorts of codecs and other converters. The big issue however.... that nobody tells you.... is that the pro version has the ability to add unlimited tracks whereas the others don't.......for this reason alone I would encourage you NOT to buy anything but the Pro version. To give an editing a fairly simple video to go on the internet I used 9 video tracks and 2 audio tracks......I use many more if the video gets complicated and I need to convery cetain things in the message. I hope that helps... HD Video School
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    nmeadows - the link to your website that you snuck on the end of that post leads to your optimize press getting started page. You might want to check your site.

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    Default You were too quick for me!!!

    HI Andy

    thanks for the were way too quick for me!!!! I am building the site, and took time out to browse the forums, added the link thinking that nobody would follow it for a while!!! Anyway tghanks for letting me know.



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    Quote Originally Posted by nmeadows View Post
    if PC, it simply must be Sony Vegas
    I would not say it has to be vegas. Vegas Is a great program and I have used it for years, but any NLE is just a tool to meet an end. I think the best thing to do is download as many trials as you can and see what the best fit is. One person might love the interface of vegas and someone else might like premier pro
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    I would just add if you are doing multy track editing on a program like premiere or I suspect on any other program and you don't have a very powerfull computer you would do well to check out Cineform Neoscene to convert the AVCHD to AVI this will allow you to edit with ease but will need very big disc drives as the AVI takes up much more space but gives excellent results.


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    Vegas 10 has better support for importing some newer video-formats. I guess it's always best to choose for updated versions.
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