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Thread: Trying to convert my VHS tapes to DVD's

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    Default Trying to convert my VHS tapes to DVD's

    Hey, I'm new to this forum, I need some help. I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platnum 10 and I have Sony DVD architect Pro 5. I am trying to convert all my old VHS tapes to DVD's, I converted two tapes before using a capture device and and the software with it. I made a DVD with menu's and buttons and all, so you can click the menu button and play that scene. I have a bucnh more tapes left to convert yet.

    That old capture device died, so I had to replace it with w new one. And the old software doesn't work with this new device. So I have to use Sony Movie studio and DVD achitect. I captured some video and made a movie with Movie Studio. But I want to add more movies with menus. When I try to make a DVD Movie studio , says you have to install DVD architect, so it does not recognize it is reinstalled for some reason.

    So my question is, can I edit and make the individual sections all in DVD architect, and skip Movie studio all together? I tried to open the one movie I made with Movie studio in DVD architect, but it only will use .dar files. And I made the movie as and ,mpeg file. So I am trying to figure out how to do this and successfully make my movies with menu's and all.

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    Sony Vegas Movie Studio expects to find Sony DVD Architect Studio, which is why it won't recognise it as being installed.

    Create your finished movies in Movie Studio (VMS). You could either rended them as avi and let DVD Architect (DVDA) convert to mpeg, or you could render from within VMS in MPEG2 using the DVDA template (if there is one; I seem to rceall there is)

    Now in DVDA, open a new project, select Menu based DVD and drop the avis or mpgs you created right onto the middle of the screen.

    (That's the simplified version: What you've misunderstood here is that .dar files are DVD architect files - ie instructions as to how to buildd the DVD, in the same way as .vf files created by VMS are instructions for building a film, rather than the film itself. If you want to add a film to to DVDa you don't use file open, you use Insert Media)

    Sorry these aren't detailed instructions (I'm at work ATM) but I hope that gets you up and running.

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    Thanks for the help,,,, I finally figured out how to do it.
    I have captured my VHS tapes, as DVD mpeg2 740x480, which works well. I have a birthday tape with several birthdays on it, so I edit each birthday movie in Movie Studio. I was trying to bring them into DVD architect so I could put them all on one DVD with menus for each movie, like I did before. My problem was I was trying to OPEN the files, and of course DVD architect will only open .dar, (digital architect) files. I finally figured out I have to open the files in the exlorer, then I could drag them up to the project window, on the left and build my movie. That was a big revelation for me, casue I have been struggling with this for a while now. Now I can edit in Movies studio, and build my movies with menus and all, in DVD architect, yaaaa. ,,

    You know how it goes, with any new program with powerful features, there is always a learning curve. What programs do you all use to edit videos on these forums?? Glad I found a helpful forum!!

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