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Thread: Paul McCartney Band Using Vintage RCA Ribbom Mics Live Outdoors

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    Default Paul McCartney Band Using Vintage RCA Ribbom Mics Live Outdoors

    I've extolled the wonders of old ribbon mic technology here from time to time. Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. McCartney uploaded this video to his YouTube channel back in May-2010. It's just a backyard practice session and the only thing they're using to record the sound with is a pair of old ribbon mics. They're obviously the RCA body style, but it's hard to say which ones for sure. Or they could be a newer RCA knockoff. Yes there are better ways of doing this, but it seems obvious that they wanted to do things simply since this is just a practice session. The thing I want you to notice is how freakin' far away they are from the mics. The sound isn't great, but you would get something far worse with condenser mics if they were this far back. There's just something about a ribbon mic's ability to retain a full sound even at a great distance, and they have a large pickup pattern. As you can hear, all the instruments are picked-up fairly well with just these two mics. And this is OUTDOORS yet! Do you see why they're still used so much in stage productions? You can't do this with any other kind of mic. Just one mic at each end of a stage and one overhead is all you need to do a broadway play. I've never seen anybody use one for a wedding, but I have to think ribbons would be the ultimate wedding mics too.

    A couple of other things to notice, the acoustic guitars are unplugged. What you're hearing is them completely acoustical. Only the bass guitar is going through an amp. You'll also hear some rumble here and there. It's the wind blowing. Make sure to play this one at 480P. The sound is actually quite good. Turn it up!

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    Very interesting to see ribbon mics used outside. The editor wants shooting for producing it so quiet but the sound quality is not to bad.

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    Ribbons have really been making a comeback the past couple of years. I don't have much need for one, but they certainly have their uses.

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