Hi friends,

I'm having problems merging mkv fles using mkvmerge.I want to hardcore subtitles to certain frames where different language other than English is used.so i cut these particular portion from these movies and hard cored subtitles using Xvid4psp.The problem is when i append these edited portions to original clip the it is not playing or gets blurry.i don't want to re-encode and merge them as a single clip as it would degrade the video quality.

These are the links for the video:
Video 1(subtitle hard coded):Video 1.mkv
Video 2(Sample of Original file to be appended): Video 2.mkv
Video 3(The resulting file when appended video 1 & video 3):Video 3.mkv

I get this warning when i append Video 1 & Video 2 using mkvmerge

Warning: The track number 1 from the file 'C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Video 2.mkv' can probably not be appended correctly to the track number 1 from the file 'C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Video 1.mkv': The codec's private data does not match. Both have the same length (42) but different content. Please make sure that the resulting file plays correctly the whole time. The author of this program will probably not give support for playback issues with the resulting file.

plz tell me any way to merge and play the movie as normal by making any changes to the Video 1.any help will be greatly appreciated