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Thread: Software to edit and annotate videos for psychology research

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    Default Software to edit and annotate videos for psychology research

    Hello everyone,

    A friend of mine is looking for software to help with a psychology graduate research project. Her research will generate long videos of people going about their daily business at home -- she would like to be able to organize these videos and do some light editing. I'm pretty sure that any video editing software would be able to accomplish this.

    However, she also wants to be able to annotate or tag the videos at various time points -- e.g. to pause the video while watching it and make a note like "the subject begins laughing" that is associated with that time point in the video. The idea is that she would later go back and analyze / code these notes for her research.

    Can anyone recommend software that might accomplish this? This may be a common feature, but I don't know the correct terminology for it.

    I would add that she has no platform or software preference (she will be buying a new computer for this project) but would like to avoid spending more than necessary, and she is not a "power user".

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jordan,

    So there's this website i've been using for similar purposes (when I need to cut and annotate text) couse it's free and doesn't take up much time. It lets you add notes or hashtags to each individual bit: e.g. here's a talk I uploaded, so the video is from youtube but the annotations below were added by me

    Let me know what you think of the format and my annotations. hope this helps!

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