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    I have recently bought my first camcorder, a sony HC-19E and have bought and installed a firewire card with help from previous topics on this forum.

    The installation appears to have worked as I can see the IEEE1394 HOST CONTROLLER in Device Manager.

    The problem I have is that when I plug my camcorder into the firewire port my computer is not recognising it and Pinnacle Studio 8 has the same problem.

    I pressume windows should recognise a camcorder connected to a firewire port the same way it recognises something connected to the USB port.

    I am using XP and the firewire card is the basic one from Ebuyer that came supplied with a cable.

    Im worried the cable may be faulty as I suspect Ebuyer may have sent me a box that has been returned as although it included the PCI card and the cable it did not have the manual that the box said it should include.

    I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing the firewire card and have restarted the computer with the camera connected.

    Any other ideas?

    Many Thanks


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    Some possibilities.

    It certainly looks as though windows has recognised the card. And yes when connected the camera would show as a connected device. Does the device manager report any problems with the card? If not,

    1. Have you checked that your cam is set to Play/VCR mode when attached to the Firewire card?

    2. You may have a dodgy cable!

    3. You may have a dodgy camera!

    4. You could try the Firewire card in another PCI slot.

    Good luck

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