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    Hi there, I wanted to get some feedback from people who are into video editing. I am connected to this product and wanted to know what people think about it. (The video)

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    Its a nice video itself for an advert, the voice is a tiny bit off as when he says G it sounds a bit strange but for the actual editing itself theres no real effects, i thought that the look could of been animated to drop in or somthing as it looks bouncy and fun, but it would be great for an advert if thats what your trying to do, though i did find the pictures of people touching and using it very animated and it didn't feel real, is it animated? or is it actually installed...
    I like the use of the iPhone with the kid on it, thats a nice touch...
    Overall for advert potential 8/10
    for editing skill 4/10


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    are you promoting this? Im honestly set aback by the quality. Its perfect, the highest quality, I'm suprised you even have to ask.

    Just read, charlie's post and i have to agree, it does look very animated. but is that a problem?
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    I just install these products but I'm really glad the feedback on this is good. Thanks guys. I'm glad this advert is good for what it needs to do and that it is professional.

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    Apart from the female voice talking over the male voice at the beginning it's very good.

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    Very high-quality!!! Nice HD video!!

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    Thanks a lot. It's good that the majority like the video. I have to agree with midnight blue, you make a good point. She doesn't need to go over his voice.

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    Very nice. High quality. Agree with comments about the womans voice.

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