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    My friend has asked me if i would film his wedding in July. I am mulling it over, as i know its got to be a good job, once in a lifetime moment etc etc.

    I dont have any experience of filming anything like this, and have only filmed what you can see here-
    YouTube - andyg3's Channel
    ignore the music videos.
    better videos from about 4months and older.
    Its not anything of great interest to many, but its how i know this guy, and hes asked me to do his wedding because he thinks what i have taken is good.

    I would much appreciate it if anybody would be able to feed me with as much advice, and tips and on what to do, how to do it, what not to do etc.

    The only equiptment i have is a bog standard Canon hg10.
    I should think i would need a good external mic? i'v been looking at the rode stereo video mic for everything i do. but i really dont know if it would be suitable. So any tips on a good mic will also be appreciated!

    thank you

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    Andy - If you search, there are dozens of threads with very helpful advice on everything associated with filming weddings. From mics and their placement to contracts, insurance etc etc.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    sorry, i should have looked first.

    i'l do a bit of digging


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    Hi Andy,

    Your friend must have asked you to film their wedding after seeing some of your work. They will not understand the complexities of filming a wedding and the pressure to deliver a final product. Their expectations may be either low, or too high.

    With regards to your kit and the likely event that you will not purchase more specifically to film one wedding I would tell them that what they get may not be what they want, or they may be pleasantly surprised. Do not let them believe that the final product will in
    any way be the same, or better than a professional. Friend or no friend, you will not be able to participate in the wedding as a guest. I would at the very least ask them to cover any expenses that you may have to pay to make this happen for them.

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    thank you for the advice all.

    Unfortunately i'v had to say no to doing it, my sisters wedding now clashes with my friends wedding.


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