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Thread: 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensors v 3 CCD ?

  1. Default 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensors v 3 CCD ?

    i need a relatively compact camera for doing travel video and am thinking about a new Sony HVR V1 with the 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensors or something like an older 3CCD HDR-FX1E which can be bought s/h for half the price of the former. Can anyone tell me in simple terms the pros and cons of 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensors v 3 CCD? i did search here and googled it but couldnt find anything really up to date or that i could understand. i noticed on youtube that some tests showed that CMOS could handle vibration producing blurred images and as i often film from vehicles driving off road this concerns me. some of my stuff goes on tv here so i need high quality. thanks in anticipation!

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    Well it's not too hard to find articles all over the net spelling out the advantages and disadvantages of both, but by now CMOS has gotten so good that I don't think there's a clear winner anymore. CCDs used to have a problem with smearing. CMOS chips had a problem with creating a rolling shutter effect when doing a hard pan. These problems have largely been resolved over the years though, and you really can't go wrong with any cam using either sensor type if it's been made in the past 3 or 4 years.

    That isn't to say that you couldn't still generate a smear or rolling shutter effect with a new cam, but you'd have to do something pretty extreme. If I wanted to produce a rolling shutter with my V1U I'd have to really whip the cam around very fast--faster than you'll probably ever want to do.

    I was in almost the exact same place as you just a few months ago and was looking at those same two cams. I found a really good deal on the V1U on Ebay for $1850 used and went for it. I was a little leary of buying a cam with 1/4" sensors, but as it turns out, most people seem to think it does just as well in low light as the FX1 did (neither are great in low light, but both are well in the bounds of being quite acceptable). I have no problems with it in that regard or any other really. It records a beautiful picture and also does 24p and 30p which the FX1 cannot do.

    If you don't need 24P or XLR inputs and want to buy new, you might consider looking at the FX7. Aside from lacking the things I just mentioned, it's basically the exact same cam as the V1U, but lists for only $2000. Have a look.
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    Many thanks swoopie - your comments are much appreciated! i did look over the web but found the info too technical - for me at least - and or not referring to the latest CMOS sensors. with you having a V1U i feel reassured and will probably go for the same as thinking about it i might regret in a few months not having XLR inputs if i choose FX1. thanks again!

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    Hallo all!

    I'm trying to sort out the PANNING problems that seem to be inherent in digital shooting. I have a Sony TG3 Handycam and whenever I pan the results seem shaky and jerky. Also, all the videos that i've looked at on Vimeo, even from top-of-the-range models like the Panasonic TM700 look pretty bad when the camera pans. Is this because of the use of a rolling shutter which has to bedevil digital shooting (or so i've heard)? Is it really the case that digital shooting will always be problematic when it comes to panning until global shutters are introduced?

    I guess this question shows what a newbie I am. So -please be gentle with me!


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    The only time I ever see problems are when dingbats try to do medium to fast pans without a tripod. There's no such thing as a cam that can do well like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoopie View Post
    The only time I ever see problems are when dingbats try to do medium to fast pans without a tripod. There's no such thing as a cam that can do well like that.
    Or using cheap and nasty tripods. (Unless you do the rubber band trick...)

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    Yeah, that's true.

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