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Thread: Need Help Purchasing a Camera - a lot of help!!

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    Default Need Help Purchasing a Camera - a lot of help!!

    I tried to read some of the camera advice already posted but I know NOTHING about cameras and it was a little confusing.

    I am looking for an easy to use camera that shoots professional looking video for my job in the athletics department at a university. We are currently using FLIP cams. We have one FLIP that shoots HD but it still doesn't look that great, and, of course, the sound is not good. FLIP is coming out with a camera and a wireless mike, which would be great but I'm still not sure if this is going to give me the quality video I need. The FLIPs are good for some things but I think we need one professional camera. Being a university, budget is an issue, of course.

    The thing I like about the FLIP is that I can plug it into the computer, get the files and start editing. I'd like something simple like that if possible.

    A couple of people have recommended the Cannon cameras that look like photography cameras - I don't know the name of them - but I heard the sound is not good. I'd like a camera that a beginner can use, and get good sound and professional looking video. Any suggestions - in very basic, beginner language?

    Thank you!

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    The Canon camera you described is not at all suitable for your needs. Find out what your budget is and get any of the domestic video cameras in that price range. The better makes are Sony, Panasonic, Canon, etc.

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    I couldn't agree more in relation to these Canon camera's you have been badly advised about. Have a look at this review, it's long but worth watching it all. It's a very clever little piece of kit and if you can get one covered in your budget it could be ideal for your needs.


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