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    hey guys,

    So i have my heart set on final cut pro, but in your opinions what is the best editing software?
    Other plug-in software like twixtor and magic bullet that help with colour, smooth, slow motion bla blah what is your opinions on them?


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    FCP is the only option for Macs. Avid is the best option for PC but it's far to expensive, so I go for Sony Vegas Pro it's a good package for the money.

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    If you're on a MAC (which I'm assuming), I've heard Final Cut Express (they might call it something else now) is very good while being much cheaper than Pro.

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    Final cut express is a good package and will do for most people however if you are looking to edit in HD as far as I'm aware the express package does not have this option available. I have been using FCP for a while now and find there is very little more you could ask from it with regard editing. However you may need to use other packages such as Adobe After effect (which I would highly recommend) to do more advanced editing such as film grading and time manipulation. One could argue that it would be easier to use Adobe Premier pro with after effects as the would compliment each other. However to date I have had no compatibility errors with AE and FCP. As for the Magic Bullet Looks software, I haven't used it myself but I heard that it is quite processor heavy, even on fast machines. I must admit the footage does look great after using MBL but if you were trying to keep the costs down you could achieve similar if not the same effects in AE.

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