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Thread: NEWB cam issues. looking for advice.

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    Default NEWB cam issues. looking for advice.

    Good day. First off I want to say sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. I looked for a better one but either passed over or didn't see a newb section.
    Secondly, I want to say I don't know what I'm doing. Please answer me like I'm 12. Thanks in advance.
    Now to my problem/question.
    I want to make a music video. I have premiere and vegas. I like premiere best. I have a kodak zi8 flip cam. It shoots in .mov or quicktime. most programs don't like the video it shoots. Playback is horrible. I know it can be converted. I tried Avidmux, but it didn't really work. I want a new cam. I have very little money though. Maybe 100 bucks. I was thinking of buying an older cam from ebay. There are a few. The one I saw was a mini dvd cam. I guess it records to that minidisc, then you put the disk in yur computer? Can you directly transfer from a minidisk cam to pc? do these cams just totally blow? low quality video is not a concern. My biggest concern is being able to edit the video I get. My computer specs are i3 processor, 4g ram, i don't know what the vid card is. i think this machine is sufficient though. I just need good cheap cam I can plug into my computer then edit the files easily. i don't want to convert things, or encode them. What file format does a minidvd cam record in? Thanks for any help guys.

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    Does the Zi8 shoot in lower resolutions this might be your best option. 100 bucks isn't a lot of money for a camera.

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