Hey Guys I need your expertise. I'm capturing game-play with a EasyCAP with Debut software,It record as .wmv and the Encoder options are wmv 9 with sound compressor wma 10 Pro. Im using the Composite cable. Should i get the S-video cable? will it even help a noticeable difference???
Anyway,I Then open the video file with Pinnacle Studio and do my editing.
Few Problems I have and need help is,
first It crashes sometimes, or just doesn't respond.And it's the only program it does this.
When I try to use Slow-motion in a time frame of 2-5 seconds, it shows me a Exclamation mark.
In the time-line where I can drag the time-line,why is there a bar filling up with a different color?
Besides using De-interlacing and brightness what other effects can I use to improve the video quality,because Im uploading to youtube and I do use MPEG-4 with HD 720p but its not helping that much.

I do have to say I have tried to capture my gameplay with Pinnacle but it doesnt find my USB EasyCAP,but its fine I guess since I have Debut.

Also could it be it's just my computer???
I have the Asus K52F-BBR5 Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.00Ghz/core 3GB DDR3 of RAM with Intel HD Accelerator Graphics card with 1689MB allocated and shared memory. Which I have played really demanding games and it plays great....

above all I want to improve the quality of my videos,and also need tips and tricks, Since Im just getting started in the Video Editing field.
I know if I get a HD PVR I will have HD quality but for now I need the max quality I can get with SD

I really really appreciate all help,comments, etc..