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Thread: Paris Car Tuning Show 2005

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    Default Paris Car Tuning Show 2005

    Here's my footage from this years Paris Tuning Show, where we met
    the latest Supplier of Iceled for France

    Click here (14 meg wmv file approx 3 min download "Save As")


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    I had this image of poeple milling about at different stands of the show trying out this year's new flavour of tuning forks and stuff.

    Maybe you could have mentioned cars in the post.

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    seemed kind of long and didnt match the music perfectly but still interestion and good, keep them coming...

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    Default Re: Paris Car Tuning Show 2005

    it's only my second attempt at a car show....

    my first attempts here...

    That's the belgium CAR tuning show!

    Any advice or comments are welcome.

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