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Thread: AVCHD on Bluray player?

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    Lightbulb AVCHD on Bluray player?

    According to Wikipedia:

    "Blu-ray Disc media is not supported by AVCHD specification, though some software packages allow authoring AVCHD content on Blu-ray Discs. AVCHD encoding and container are compatible with Blu-ray Disc format, but naming convention is different. For better compatibility with Blu-ray Disc players, AVCHD video can be converted into Blu-ray Disc format without re-encoding audio/video streams. The resultant disc will play in any Blu-ray Disc player including those that do not explicitly support the AVCHD format"

    ^I have Architect 5 and Vegas 10 how do I go about this? I think I should render using either MainConcept AVC/AAC or Sony AVC. But neither say "DVD Architect video stream" just "Blu-ray" which I assume means a blu-ray architect stream. I just don't want Architect to re-render my AVCHD, and I also want it to be compatible with all Blu-ray players WHICH Wiki claims is possible without re-rendering (.m2ts in Blu-ray format?) I assume use Sony AVC since my footage is .MTS from a Panasonic camera?

    "Sony DVD Architect 5 can author AVCHD-compliant discs with menus using AVC encoding as well as non-standard discs using MPEG-2 encoding. In both cases data rate is limited to 18 Mbit/s."

    ^My original .MTS files are 16,000kbps or less anyway
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    I got confused reading your post what exactly do you want to do. If you just use the MainConcept BluRay template it should be fine to make a BluRay disk with DVD Architect.

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    Sorry I made it so confusing, I got impatient and carried out further experiments for myself. I chose the SONY AVC codec over MainConcepts AVC because correct me if I am wrong but, Sony and Panasonic are somewhat tied together in their file format/codec (and I have a Panasonic camera)

    So using the Sony Bluray 1080-60i (16mbps) (29.97fps) codec I was able to render a .m2ts file like I usually do for youtube upload, and I tried getting right up to the last burn option page in DVDA-5 and everything looked fine (I did not actually burn it I do not have any BD disks) So I was able to import a .m2ts file coded by Sony into DVDA without it trying to compress the video (it had a green check and no warnings)

    I guess what it comes down to with Vegas is you have two options for Bluray rendering in DVDA stream form; Sony AVC or MainConcepts AVC and the debate is which one of the two to use with my camera and original file types for the best possible quality and largest diversity of compatible Bluray players. I don't think using Sony AVC .m2ts is a "AVCHD Disc" because DVDA writes it in a Bluray format without re-compressing it? I know the AVCHD disks are only compatible with SOME Bluray players, but by using this format through DVDA I don't think I would be creating an "AVCHD Disk"

    I might have just confused you more
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    Using my MPEG4 GoPro HD camera, recording .MP4 files I tried rendering both a Sony and Main Concepts .MP4 file but DVDA will not accept without compression. Sony .M2TS seems to be the only format that DVDA won't re-compress, I thought BluRay accepts MPEG4 files not just .M2TS

    How do you render a MP4 file from Vegas for DVDA Bluray authoring? Does it have to be inside a comtainer like .M2TS?
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    I am not sure you need this now, but here is an easy tool to use to create AVCHD structured file that will play in your Blu-ray Player from your .mts files.

    AVCHD Editor is free.

    You cannot do any authoring but I think that will be added in the future. It should be able to get done what you are looking for.

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    Thanks! It looks like an amazing tool I will have to try it.
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    I hope it helps you.

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