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Thread: AtI 8500 DV AIW to SHARP VL-SD20 mini DV VIA FIREWIRE - Prob

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    Default AtI 8500 DV AIW to SHARP VL-SD20 mini DV VIA FIREWIRE - Prob

    Hi everyone i have a bit of a interesting problem that i haven't solved yet i have a SHARP VL-SD20 mini dv camcorder it is a pretty good unit worked awesome so far but 1 week ago i bought myself a new motherboard with a new processor and harddrive ( MSI K7N2 Delta with Nforce 2 , Athlon 2600 XP+, Western Digital 120 gig 7500 rpm 8mb ca.) now the video card is still the same ATI 8500 DV 64 MB AIW. On the previous motherboard the Camcorder worked awesome via Firewire just plug and paly. Now the Problem: When i connect my camcorder ( via firewire) the computer detects, it loads it and offers the programm to use it with ( i have Win XP home with SP1) i downloaded even few programms to try it out with like ulead videostudio 6, Power producer, as well as the XP own Windows Movie Maker. I can access the DV camcorder in each programm and start, stop and rewinde ( so the controlling part works) and by the way i can see the DV camcorder in device manager as well but there is no Video or audio at all coming to my PC when i hit record it doesn't record anything either Can somebody please help me i read everything there is to read about capturing with my card @ ati's homepage but it doesn't fix this one cause everything works as they discribe exept i get no video or audio. So any help is really appriciated. I hope to help some of you guys too if i can, cause i am not a total newbee burned a few Divx ( playable as VCD ) myself.


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    on my last computer, the usb wouldnt work. Couldnt figure it out for the life of me. But since your camera is detected, your hardware is working fine. I use XP pro, its stronger and not geared so intensively around ease of user by user. I dont think that would help but I do think there is something not playing nice on your pc. For instance, you said you see the preview fine but it won't record, that is strictly software. Its possible your ram is the problem. Many of the problems I see that dont make sense, its the ram. Software doesnt run 100% with some setups. That in itself is not common, but a solution nonetheless. IS your setup custom built or from a company? That would help me. also, have you tried other software? If you try other software with the same result, its a hardware/OS problem. If other software works, it was the previous software. Does this make sense? I'm trying to give ideas, I hope I can nail it down for you.
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    Hi DJP i give you a short descr. of my pc ( it's custom build by me)

    Server Case with 350 watt power supply
    K7N2 Delta with nvidia nforce 2 chipset ultra 400 - NEW
    Corsair 512 TwinX 400 MHZ ( 2 X 256 dual) memory - NEW
    AMD 2600 + XP Barton CPU with 512 KB L2 cache - NEW
    120 gig 8 mb cach Western Digital harddrive 7500 rpm
    16 X DVD player
    4 X DVD burner - NEW
    40 X CD burner
    5.1 Creativ Sound blaster
    ATI 8500 DV AIW with remote ( installed )
    10/100 Ethernet card
    USB periphials connected( installed) - Canon s750( printer) , canon D1250U2F ( scanner ), Microsoft Sidewinder game pad.

    mouse and keyboard are both PS2

    Ok now see when i plug in ( turn on ) my camera via firewire to the video card the windows makes 3 ding - ding sounds and a window with programms pops up well i use the first one Windows Movie Maker i see the camere ( Sharp DV device) ond opens the controlls for it ihit play the camera beside me start playing. The programm shows even the time left but no picture or sound is on pc ( but i can see and hear the camera beside me its running fine with sound and video) and its driving me nuts did somebody have any problem or tried at all the nforce 2 chip with firewire throught the ATI video card?????


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    Hey eugen

    I have exactly the same prob with my 8500 dv aiw running on a K7N2 delta. Did you manage to solve it? I'd love to know how. The fact we have almost identical setups and that both our AIW's worked fine on other boards suggests mobo incompatibility to me.

    Any help would be great. (I'm up to the point where I'm gonna buy a seperate firewire card but that defeats the object of having an AIW)



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    Hate to mention the obvious, but have you told your capture software what device your are using. In Ulead Media Studio this would be GLOBAL PREFRENCES > SELECT DEVICE CONTROL > MS 1394 Device Control.

    Just a thought!

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    I got that far!
    Premier recocnises my camera and states it as online, it will control the camera transport (ie play rewind etc) but no picture is sent or recieved.



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    hey Tonga i am happy to hear from you ... wheyy :o that means i am not the only one in this world with this problem i still havent solved the problem but i am working on it if you change any setup on your pc or hardware and you can get the DV camcorder to work pla let me know i was on the way allmost to buy a via chip motherboard cause that what i had before. So hey if somebody reads this and has anu clue what to do let me know or send a mail to pls no spam or shit it will be filtered out and deleted anyway.


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    Try this little app:

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    Thanks Mark i tryed this little programm it would probably work if i didn't have this particular problem but it doesn't record anything and that is exactly what all the other programms do as well they can control the dv camcorder ( tho this little programm does not) and if i hit record i can see that nothing is beeng recorded. Hey if somebody can maybee finde something in the MSI forum for the motherboard i have K7N2 delta-L with my ati 8500 dv AIW it would be great appriciated i am looking there also but there is soooo much stuff to go through.

    Thanks a lot. :P

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    Hey Eugen,
    Thanks for the reply. I found that the problem is down to mobo/AIW incompatibilty (AGP to PCI bridge issue to be precise). I'm up against a deadline so I couldnt waste time trying to resolve the issue I just went and bought a PCI firewire card (20) whacked it in, problem solved - much cheaper than getting a new mobo.

    If you find another way let me know.


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