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    I'm new of the forum, I think it's a great forum . I would like to buy a new camcorder for a semi-professional video purpose like wedding, feast and other ceremonies. My budget is about 2000 euros but I hope to spend as little as possible.

    What is the best camcorder for me? I'm thinking to buying this camcorder Panasonic AG-HMC41E. What do you think about it?

    Thank you in advance

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    Firstly - the camera: Have you seen the comparison here?

    Quite interesting. The basic conclusion is that the HMC40 (41 here) is an uncomfortable halfway house between the TM300 and the HMC150, having only the same 1/4 chip as the TM300 and not that many of the manual and more "pro" advantages of the HMC150.
    I'd suggest you'd do better to save money and buy the TM700 (replaced the TM300) and spend the difference on decent mic/digital recorder/tripod etc etc.

    Of course an injection into your budget to get the HMC 150 would be nice

    There is another advantage of the '41 in that it looks a bit more pro and therefore might give you a bit more "clout" with asking people to get out of the way etc.

    As for your use of the camera for "semi-professional video purpose like wedding, feast and other ceremonies" I'd suggest that those sort of videographers are the MOST professional.

    I'm a total amateur, but give me a script, willing cast, locations and equipment and I could probably knock up an acceptable film given enough time: I could make as many takes as I like with different lighting, acting, sound etc etc and eventually I'd probably get something that is OK.

    A wedding, though is a different matter. I'd have one attempt only at a large number of the shots so I'd have to know exactly what I'm doing with every take and be able to anticipate every movement. Then I'd probably be expected to turn around the product within very few weeks. Only professionals will get decent results under these circumstances.

    Unless by "semi-professional" you mean someone who is a capable professional who only spends part of his time earning a living as a videographer.

    (Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted here, but many people think with a camera and computer they are capable of setting up a wedding videography business, which is a bit like suggesting that the owner of a set of scalpels and access to an operating theatre can be a brain surgeon)

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    Thank you for posting the video here Tim.
    I'm looking for something along the lines of the hmc150 and found the video quite interesting. So much information out there it can be quite challenging to discern!!!

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