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Thread: Newbie requires help to make an informed purchase!

  1. Default Newbie requires help to make an informed purchase!

    Hi, I am looking to buy an editing sytem and program but I am a bit lost with it all and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice please?

    I need something that will be able to handle AVCHD footage from a Canon 5d Mark ii predominantly but also other formats. I would like to have the ability to edit naitively but I have read that people transcode their footage as various programs/systems can't handle the demanding process?

    My original thoughts were to get a laptop as I like the prospect of mobile editing but I am getting less and less keen on this, seeing how much more you can get with a desktop system for less money.

    I really am reluctant to go with MAC as I don't like them but everyone seems to make out that they are easier to use than PC's and that Final Cut is the best program for editing 5d footage.

    I have basic editing experience with Sony Vegas and Avid but I don't know whether Vegas is up to it and Avid is far too expensive for my price range.

    I was looking at CS5 but again I'm not sure how suitable that is.

    I would like to build a customised system for roughly 1000, is this possible?

    I'm sorry for my basic understanding but I am still doing my research!

    I would like to edit short films for submission to festivals etc. and maybe one day features...

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    are you still researching or have you built it now?

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    I edit on a pre-overclocked setup that I bought from for about 500ish. You basically get a motherboard, CPU, fan (watercooling is also an option) & RAM - all overclocked for you & ready to be installed into a PC case. The price of the package only just covers the price of the individual components alone, so you're getting a well tested & stable overclocked system that's ready to go, apart from having to physically install the motherboard & fan into your pc case.

    Depending on how computer savvy you are, you can do the overclocking yourself, but it takes a little guts, patience and trail & error. Oh & i'd go for an i7 processor, with at least 6GB of RAM. As for a graphics card, i was looking at getting one of those massively overpriced Nvidia Quadro cards, but Premiere Pro CS4 can be easily 'hacked' (a basic wordpad tweak in one file) and can treat a MUCH cheaper Nvidia (GTX 280 or above) Geforce gaming card as if it was a Quadro & use that for real-time video editing of multiple streams. It really has to be seen to be believed how much faster it makes editing. That's what I use & it's crazy fast, plus I can still play games, which you can't really do with a Quadro card.

    Let me know if you need anymore tips etc, as i've built my own editing systems a few times in the past

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