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Thread: Ulead Video Studio V8 SE not capturing all video

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    Default Ulead Video Studio V8 SE not capturing all video


    I bought an Easy Capture USB device and it came with Video Studio V8 SE. I installed the SW and drivers with the aim of capturing some old analogue 8mm tapes from a video camera to my PC.

    Everything installed ok and the first tape captured ok, all 60 minutes of it. The next one didnít. It stopped after about 30 minutes with no explanation of why, I thought it may be low disk space (there was plenty) so decided to capture it to an empty 1TB external USB drive. The result was the same.

    For some reason it wonít save the full tape and stops after about 30 minutes.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

    The help guide is not very useful.

    Many thanks


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    There could be a number of reasons for this so I'll just give you what I can think of off the top of my head.

    VS8E is 5 versions old now and most likely not supported by Corel who now own VS. Depending on your computer and operating system it may just be choking because it is old and the world in which it lives is young!

    Although you say you have plenty of hard drive space you don't say how much. Maybe what you have is not as plenty as you thought when it comes to dealing with video. Also plenty of space means plenty of contiguous space. Try defragging... a lot!

    RAM: Not sure what format your capture device is converting to but the computer may be running out of puff after a while. If the device is doing the conversion you should be ok but if the device is getting the software to do the conversion on the computer then this may be where it is losing it. Shut down AL unnecessary services on the computer.

    USB: There is the possibility that the computer is building up too great a backlog of data for the USB hard drive to get it all done in time. USB is good for bursts of data but not as good as firewire for sustained data rates unless you have USB 3.0

    The 4gig file limit. If you are on a 32bit operating system then the 4gig maximum file size maybe coming into play. This will depend on what format you are capturing to.

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