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Thread: I Just Had Sex!

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    Cool I Just Had Sex!

    Check out my parody of The Lonely Island & Akon's 'I Just Had Sex', entitled 'I Just Had Becks'.

    Was my first time (self-) filming and editing with my new Canon 60D (used to use a Sony FX1).
    Very happy with the way it turned out.
    However, next time, I'll convert the footage before I start editing, cuz that damn H.264 codec reeked havoc with my Sony Vegas. It's never been so slow / crashed so many times before o_O

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    okay that was super funny!!!

    can you please tell me how to post a thread? URGH, i cannot figure it out!

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    I loved it!

    At first I was prepared to be disappointed as I don't generally like parodies but this is t'riffic fun.

    I liked the camerawork, lighting,editing and lyrics. The singer's got a great voice too.

    Keep up the good work, and keep sharing the results with us please!

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    Some funny lines. Well shot, some very clever editing, things like the split screen used as a transition at around 1:10 etc. I didn't like some of the colouring.

    Well done.

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    Good man!
    I liked the thread title ... loved the video

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    Watched it last nigh: it did nothing for me.
    Watched it again just now and I thought it was superb.
    Dunno what to make of that other than maybe I'm fickle!
    I can only echo what Rob says above. Great job.

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    great! thanks guys, means a lot :]

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