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Thread: Romeo and Juliet animated short

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    Default Romeo and Juliet animated short

    Hi all! Back in 2008 I made a short adaption of Romeo and Juliet I finished it in 2009.
    I started animation back then, I had no idea about anticipation, keyframing and so on. I just read about things, and made a custom light box/peg bar. I hope you like it

    Comments/critics are always welcome

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    Totally love it.

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    I enjoyed it. Very attractive scenes.

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    Thanks a lot guys I really want to create more, I've got plans, but I don't really have time...
    I'm into computer animation too, but I love traditional ways, I love drawing, painting, etc.

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    Very nice indeed.

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    Nice work... I love this and want to express thoughts. Not concerns or critique just simply observation.

    There are proportion of forms that you have here which stand out and contradict each other. Firstly the proportions whilst Juliet rotates and the way they appear which you will have noticed but then compared to the animation of the hands in both Romeo and Juliet throughout the piece are stunning. Everything else from the animated point of view is in the high end.

    Compounded with the tone of the video from the lighting process where you get the flicker that so many animators try to get rid of with various techniques. This just comes across as beautiful and charming.

    The muted colours and the simple lines and the use of the window to tell the story I can simply say I love the whole thing.

    What might appear as technical human form errors do the piece no harm.

    You make it sound as though its a first animation that you have approached with no planning and spontaneity. All I can say to that is... do more.... its beautiful, and dont start to over work or over think...

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    Thanks a lot for your comment rafepurnell, I really appreciate it

    It was a great thing to create this piece. I didn't know much about animation, so I didn't care about technique, about perfectness, and the whole thing was so spontaneus. I drew a lot of frames on boring lessons in school, and everybody thought I was crazy, bringing a big pile of paper in school every day.

    Since then I've learned a lot about animation, and I kinda miss the old days. When one knows how to do it right, how to get rid of flickering movements for example (as you said), it's really hard to do things without worrying about technical aspects. I think the human mistakes, the flaws really set the mood. And I haven't been able to recreate the flawed nature of this small piece. You're right, I shouldn't over work/think things

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