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    Hello all. I'm new here, however I have been lurking for quite some time now. This is a really nice site. But anyways, just recently I managed to get a film club up and running at my school since there are no classes dedicated to film in any school in my city. So we thought it would be neat to start our first film off as a parody of CSI. We have encountered problem after problem in the pre-production phase, however we should be shooting after the march break. The film will be called "CSI: ST. BASIL" since the school I go to is "St. Basil Secondary". So, tonight, being sick, and completely bored, I decided to make a little title shot for the film and a little teaser.

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    Not bad for a quick job.

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    Many apologies for not "welcoming" you earlier!


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    Very nice, looks promising. Any problem obtaining your actors? Is it going to be a shocker?

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    Thank you for welcoming me. Last week we managed to start shooting, and it turned out really well. The actors were very co-operative, even though we were very, very rushed. We shot the scene in less than 20 minutes, on short notice. With the exception of a few mistakes, it was a great way to start off the shooting process, and it sure released a lot of stress!

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