Hi folks,

I have to buy a new laptop as the old one was robbed....

I will use it for CS5 - Premier/AE/Audition/Photoshop I have narrowed it down to a choice between:

Lenovo Thinkpad W510 ( i7) Lenovo - Laptop computers - ThinkPad W Series - ThinkPad W510 - United Kingdom (GB)


Clevo/Kobalt G860 (i7) Welcome to Kobalt Computers - G860 15.6" Notebook Specifications

both chosen for speed/ports/screen/upgrade possibilities. I am poor so they have to last a few years, be both SD and HD capable, have firewire for my Canon XL2 (which I still love) and be able to deal with mostly short film making that includes motion graphics and FX. I am planning on going down the dslr film making route in the near future so need HD capability too.

I mix soundtracks and I am also a serious photographer and some of my photography is big file size montage. It has to be portable because i travel for some of my projects so a desk top is out of the question. This is a very serious hobby not my job! (yet.....)

I love the Clevo/Kobalt and only hesitate because the max RAM is 8gig and while that is ok now it is maybe limiting the future. The video card is NVidia Geoforce GTX 470, the HDD is Western Digital 500gig 7,200 - 16 cache

The Lenovo has 16gig max RAM but the NVidia is not as good as the Clevo
(NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 880M with 1GB DDR3 discrete graphics) and as it is expensive I can only afford the 720 Quad processor

I don't care about DVD/BR drives too much - I can add an external and would probably rather put a second HDD in the slot. I would like to learn about and go down the RAID route sooner or later. I am open to other suggestions but am based in the UK and cannot go over £1,500 more or less. Also, these are the only two I have found so far that offer a good choice of ports and leave me with USB3, eSata and PC Express for future add-ons. (I also like the fact that both have old fashioned modems which even here in London have proved to be very useful when WiFi networks crash plus I travel and sometimes that is all there is - although would go without if necessary).

So please could you help with opinions, ideas, comments, experiences? I need to get this as right as possible because I will not be in a position to buy another for a long time after this. Other things that have some influence on my thinking are - customer service, warranty etc. Kobalt has a name for being very very slow to deliver/respond but good people when they finally do. They also supply a fabulous manual - Lenovo do not score on oany of this much from what I can see.

Is 8 gigs RAM really too limiting?

Thanks Lucia