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    Hey guyz,

    So this is the latest in tech that we've got at Vertigo Productions, please do bare in mind that i had around 2 hours to watch tutorials and put this clip together

    Please Leave some feedback i love hearing from you guyz

    Charlie, Vertigo Productions

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    Not much to criticize really. I thought you did well. I've never been too crazy about the talking still image effect myself, but I thought you did it as well as anybody if you like that kind of thing. The opening music was a little soft. And I would do away with the tattoo. They can be quite a turn off to a lot of customers who view them as something only former inmates have. Of course, if you're going for a younger audience, it won't much matter I guess.

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    @Swoopie, this was only the very start man, i just used 1 of there preset images for this 1 but next time i upload 1 of these its guna be able to talk, move its head, close his eyes and possibly move his shoulders

    Thanx for the feedback, Thanked...

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    The 'inmate' which Swoopie identified is probably the result of a hypothesis named "uncanny valley".
    I enjoyed seeing the lipsync. It was alot better than my recent homemade lipsync program (which I used in recently posted animation); but I think your clip shows some of the limitations of out-the-box default settings which someone might get, for example,from the application 'Poser'. Selecting the correct viseme to represent each phoneme depend on the mode of speech, speed and accent of the voice. A drawling Texan won't have exactly the same lip positions as a British gentleman when they speak.

    I liked the slight movements of the eyebrows. I recommend adding a couple of eye blinks.
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    I see you've changed your logo again Charlie. I'm not sure what this video will be used for. Like I said to you before who is your target market.

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    Its just examples for our portfolio, we are sticking with this logo now it was done by our graphic designer and the target market is 1) our clients and 2) people who like crazytalk...

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