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Thread: would a canon rebel t1i (500d) be good enough for video capture?

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    Default would a canon rebel t1i (500d) be good enough for video capture?

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to advanced video editing such as adding in effects or changing the frame rates. I can do the simple things, like cut, add, edit.

    But I was wondering if my rebel would be a good fit to take regular to a bit professional style videos? And if so what settings would be optimal?

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    "professional" is a term which is often used, but hard to define. Personally, I would not recommend a DSLR over a video camera for video professionals. The reasoning isn't due to quality, but design and ease of use - a stills camera simply isn't as easy to use! If you mean professional in terms of video quality, them fine. If mean professional on terms of you earning money, then you would need to buy several more add ons to achieve the same level of usability as a dedicated camera.

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    Canon T1i has 15.1 megapixel sensor. the high megapixel count is impressive and The 920,000 pixel LCD screen is large (3"), crisp, vibrant and fully visible even in bright sunlight. In comparison, the Canon XSi SLR (which the T1i replaces), also has a 3" LCD, but with 230,000 pixels. The viewing angle is great as well and the LCD can easily be seen nearly 180 degrees around. The Canon T1i has it at 20fps, the d5000 doesn't have it at all. But the 20 fps on the t1i renders this essentially pointless
    Here are Some Good Function about Canon T1i
    *High Resolution LCD Screen.
    * Great/Easy to use - User Interface.
    *Amazing Image Quality.
    *Large Variety of Lens options.

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