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Thread: My 5Dmkii/ 7D showreel

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    Default My 5Dmkii/ 7D showreel

    Hello all!

    Ive been learning to use/ working with 5d's and 7d's for the last year and finally got round to putting a showreel together. So here it is... hope you enjoy!


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    Without jumping the gun, I've been back and forward on this site over the last few years and through the "off" periods, I have definately missed a lot of video. But for me, hands down and without a doubt, that's the best camera work I've ever seen on this site (and a lot further). Hats off to you, that focus pull at around 1:20, at first glance it could/should have required a focus puller.

    Edit: And on a similar, but almost opposite thought. The shot at 1:42, "A1".

    2nd Edit: Your editing is far from shabby too.


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    I liked the seaside shots better than anything. The guy and girl fighting was shot nice too. I thought there were too many open mouths in general though--people talking without saying anything. It was odd to see. And I definately didn't like the piano stuff. Too much panning. I would have had at least one cut of the dude's feet working the pedals and some longer range shots of him. The music was okay for music, but I'm still undecided as to whether or not it was right for a showreel. Hard to say.

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    There's more than just a little bit of thought gone into this. I have a wee feeling that you know it's more than adequate as a showreel.


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    Guess who's still sitting up editing!!! Anyway, just enjoyed your clip again (it's inspiring) that penultimate shot is worth a mention, on a DSLR??? nice!!!

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    For what it's worth... my favourite bit is the edit near the start from a close-up of the pianist's face to the rocks in the landscape. I had to go back and look at it several times to work out why, but I think it's because I was looking closely at the pianists tattoo when it cut to the rocks. The rocks have a similar tone and texture to the man's face, but it's only when the shot pans to show the people in the background that you see the scale is totally different.

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    gotta love this DSLR stuff bit to much of the piano at the start for me but some really nice shots in here overall

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    Yes it's very nice.

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    Thanks for the feeback, glad your liking it! I see where your coming from swoopie about too much piano stuff. If i had footage of the feet working the pedals i would have used it

    It is quite impressive what is achievable from a DSLR, i must say though all the interior shots were heavily lit and that certainly makes all the difference.

    And the focus pull... yes i did it by myself (i wish there was a budget for a focus puller on that production haha) it took a fair few takes to get right.

    Thanks again.


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    looks lovely, heard you can pull amazing 3D set ups with these, then again that's just another passing fad

    the girls were great and focus dizzy in the middle
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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