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Thread: saving film external drive while on the move.

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    Default saving film external drive while on the move.

    hello,im new here,so hello to all of you.
    I want to know how i can save my film footage from my new sd600 or tm60 panasonic whilst on the move....problem is getting hd software that will load onto any computer anywhere that does not have to be registered...i have found a sd card reader on amazon ,one of the reviews says that he has used the card reader to load his avchd the is the link to view the review...
    EASYi USB SD Card Reader for SD/SDHC Cards: Electronics

    any help would be much appreciated

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    You need a lap top or a specialised device (expensive) to store data from a memory card. The USB SD Card reader above will need to be plugged into a laptop/computer to work.

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    thank you midnight blue just needed to know whether this product would work...for downloading film data from the sd the computer...its only i might just buy it to see...thanks again..and happy new year.

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    Ive got a lumix tz3 with a sd card...8GB....i'll buy the card reader and see if it works..with this...before i buy the panasonic sd600 or tm60

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