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    hello im new on here,so hello to you all.I am not new to video editing or filming although i used to use a cine cameras when i first started filming years ago,now all that has changed anyway im not sure if this is the right place to put this thread.Any way here we go,I want to buy a good hd camcorder to film this traveling documentary film about two monks in nepal and kathmandu when i go out there in march.the camcorders i have looked at are the tm60 panasonic,and the sd600.they all have good reviews.
    great but i want to upload the footage that i take during the journey to pc's in the area i am in to then drag the files to an external hard drive.does any one know of a device or software that can load onto multiple pc's whilst im travelling to do this...I viewed an sd card reader that apparently uploads...does anyone know of a device that you can upload your film footage to instead of the hasle of plugging it into the computer,im surprised that they have not invented one it would save the hasle...a device that just plugs into your hd camcorder then downloads the footage on to it...and bobs your uncle...well bobs not my uncles are all dead so thier all looked at an archos but they can only hold so much...i need to save at least 2 TB of film data...
    thanks to you all....happy new year

    ps..just to let you know,this film will be in the same vain as" weeping camel"..."the cave of the yellow dog"...Will be shot whilst on my travels across nepal,bhutan,tibet....and i will be playing one of the monks...peace
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