Hey Guys I just recently got into recording and dont know much about compression formats and all the tricks and tips. anyway Ive been using a EasyCAP this one > Buy.com - EasyCap USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter with Video Editor Software Im using the Composite to record to my laptop.(Asus K52F-BBR5,so you can find out the Specs)
I use Debut as I notice better quality when I use their Encoder options with more quality in my opinion(if there are better TELL ME)The Settings I use are> "Record as:.wmv/ " Endcoder Options">Video Compressor>Windows Media Video 9,Video Bitrate(kbits/second>8192/Sound Compressor:Windows Media Audio 10 Profesional.
Then I save My Call of duty Gameplay and Edit With Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 Full Version(PAID)

Problems Im want to fix are Any FREE recording software I could use with My EasyCAP to record my gameplay and have the best quality,and if possible small file size.
And also why when I use slow-motion In pinnacle and try to preview the part i used Slow-mo shows me a exclamation mark in the preview player?
Also when I use like Noise reduction it it lags in the preview player when I playback the video.

Is it that my computer Specs don't meet?Or that the Recording format isn't getting along with Pinnacle studio...>?

When I have exported Videos from pinnacle that are done, I use MPEG-4 and use HD-720p.

Would I benefit to get a S-video cable to hook up my xbox 360 to my EasyCAP instead of using the Composite?

I really appreciate your help!