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Thread: New Animated Music Video/Short Film

  1. Default New Animated Music Video/Short Film

    Please take a look at our new video animated by Perl and Porto's JOA KIN!

    Would love any and all feedback and critique!

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    The visuals and animation is nice, but it would be easier to understand if there were lyrics to the song. :-P

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    I agree with Jeremiahjw.
    The clip is quite long and appears to contain several themes, but is is not always clear what is happening. Although I let my imagination construct meanings; I doubt I was 100% accurate; and doubtless missed many things.
    I liked some of the split screen effects; although there was a tend to overdo that area. I liked the simple colouring and movements (the scene where a man stands up in the audience and warns everyone).
    I did not like the audio, which I found irritating and boring; but I did get a feeling that the animation followed the sound track very well - most of the time.
    Despite technology moving towards increasingly photorealistic animation; this clip demonstrates (once again) that the older style animation which uses discrete 2d layers continues to enchant and entertain.

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    As I couldn't make an animation film to save my life I think it's just to time consuming. I think the animation style looked good but I felt it didn't fit the music somehow. I think the piece is a bit to long not to have a clear narrative but thought it had some clever thoughtful bits in it.

    Well done.

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    This is really cool!!! Totally get the message here!! Sure its a bit abstract but the part that seems to clue you in is the people's eyes turning green, as if they have awakened.
    Lyrics would be nice, though i don't see how you could incorporate vocals onto such a heavy techno song.

    Enjoyed watching this and your other vid, subed your youtube channel!
    Good luck!!

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!!!

    I'm really happy to hear that people still appreciate 2D animation as an art-form and aren't simply caught up in making the 'graphics' as realistic as possible.
    Its true that the clip would be great with some sort of haunting lyrics, but we have yet to reach the success of getting various vocalists to work with us. )))

    As for the theme, the major clue i guess is the character's eyes turning green!

    Much Love!!!

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    Lovely... Nicely stylised piece. Not to long. No need for lyrics. It is what it is. Loved it. Keep it up.

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