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Thread: Sony HDR AX2000E vs JVC GY HM 100 U ?

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    Default Sony HDR AX2000E vs JVC GY HM 100 U ?

    Hy all,

    this is my first post here. Been reading you for some time, and I must say this forum is great, found myself a lots of great advices and tips to improve myself.
    I'm writing you from Europe, so sorry for my bad english.

    My hobby is video shooting and editing for past few years and now is slowly geting to be more than just a hobby.

    I own a Canon XL2 camera and I'm very satisfied with her features, but thinking of repleacing it with new equipment. My doubt is betwean Sony HDR AX2000E vs JVC GY HM 100 U, because I want to shot on SD cards. New camera will be used mostly shooting weddings and other ceremony, so it need to be good in low light environment..

    Do you have some advice or experience between those two cameras?

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    I would hold off from buying a camera for a while and wait for the new wave of cameras comming out next year.

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    Do you think that somethnig "good/not so expensive" will came to market?

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    Well I'm looking forward to the cameras like the Panasonic F100, and all the followers to come.

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