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Thread: Perfectly Boring Videos About Film Scoring via Acoustic Guitar

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    Default Perfectly Boring Videos About Film Scoring via Acoustic Guitar

    This two part video hasn't gotten much attention since I put it up at YouTube back in February. I suspect it's not particularly well done (there's some really shakey panning which was a fault with the panning fucntion in the really old version of Premiere I used), but also, unless you play the guitar and are thinking about scoring a film with one, it's probably best filed under "Useless Information".

    But on the plus side, at least I finally have a video to post in the forum!

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    i suppose you have to consider your target audience. how many people searching youtube are looking to score a film with acoustic guitar ? by your own admittance very few films are scored solely by acoustic guitar.

    (imo) its not really a video you would watch unless ypou have an interest in the subject ?

    having said that i did watch all of part one and some of part two.

    i think it was well put together, you have a good voice for narration and your guitar parts were nicely recorded.

    i'll be looking into recording (electric) guitar for my "me and my" series sometime in the next month so may come knocking on your (virtual) door

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    Well Spoopie, You actually tick two boxes for me, as a film maker and guitar player I like to mix both of these aspects in my work. Nice opening but when you went into the strumming and the visuals came on you should have been strumming and not picking. Then my eyes began to well up when I saw the Alesis Microverb. I loved that little box of tricks BUT mine sadly died. Things ran along nicely until around 6:30 when you put in a couple of jump cuts. The second part was fine. The only thing I would have liked is more of the technical guitar stuff but I think you got the balance between the artistic and the technical pretty good. Good clear narration which explained what was going on very well.

    Great job over all. A really well put together piece.

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    I enjoyed both clips. My kinda thing.

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    I suggest doing remix's of the "current" songs (e.g. at the moment, kate perry firework, rhiana na na, like a g6 etc)
    If you create a nice title with a 100 word description and a load of tags then you'll be getting the views you need.
    I also suggest posting your videos on a music forum and possibly creating a blog for yourself...

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    Hi Swoopie,

    I wouldn't agree with the sentiment displayed in your self-depreciating title at all, but what I would say is that YouTube probably isn't the right home for them.

    Your videos felt more like documentary films, and in my opinion the majority of YouTube user wanting to watch a video on that subject matter would be looking for a quick 'how to' style video. Your videos were longer than your average 'how to' video and offered way more to the viewer than "do this, then do this and then that will happen"

    I liked the first one though, and will watch the second one later once the kids give me a seconds peace!

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    Well I guess it could have been worse. Thanks for taking it easy on me and mostly just pointing out the good things.

    Nice opening but when you went into the strumming and the visuals came on you should have been strumming and not picking.

    Yeah, but see, the would entail more work, and that goes against the creed of us old fat guys everywhere. "Just put some slo-mo on any old clip and no one will care." Words to live by if you ask me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoopie View Post
    Thanks for taking it easy on me and mostly just pointing out the good things.
    I had not seen it as a 'how to' clip. It felt more like a documentary. From an educational view, some points were oddly highlighed (e.g. choice of plectrum); some parts were incomprehensible (e.g. the multiple stamping on the foot controller); and some were not mentioned (e.g. Taylor guitars are superior instruments and produce very clear notes).
    Seeing that clip mades me want to try scoring with an accoustic.

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    That Taylor records really well Tim. I just finished building a 50s Telecaster replica this past spring. I don't play much electric anymore, but I sure like this tele, and it didn't cost very much to do:

    Obviously I like Gibson toggle switches, and I reversed the control plate, but otherwise it's a fairly acurate 50s style tele.
    Last edited by Swoopie; 12-29-2010 at 07:40 PM.

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    My first electric guitar was a Tele copy. That looks nice Swoopie do you have the big metal plate that goes over the first pick up. I never used mine.

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