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Thread: Sony Vegas Black Bars After Render?

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    Default Sony Vegas Black Bars After Render?

    Just got a Sony HDR-CX150 for Christmas. I love it. I was going to a couple stores yesterday and filmed while I was in the car just to test out the camera, and I had a bunch of video and just took a few pieces and put it into a video and added some music. Now when I render I get black bars on the sides. Here's a video to show whats happening.

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    I don't think this is a Sony Vegas issue, it's more of a Windows Media player issue. Your video is 16:9 aspect ratio which is what you told Vegas to produce BUT WMP is the program at fault for not playing it full screen.

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    I looked on YouTube for some good 1080p rendering settings and it doesn't render as wmv it renders as Sony AVC or something like that. Now the problem is gone. Even if I play it in WMP it is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apwhitelaw View Post
    Now the problem is gone. Even if I play it in WMP it is fine.
    No, your problem has NOT gone. Your exsisting problem is that yuou haven't got to grip with the Template creation SAVE option. No biggie.

    Your problem is that when you adjusted the Template you didn't save the adjusted Template with a NEW name and as such you were repeating and repeating the Sony Camcorder Template (What is that? I don't have it?)

    It is NOT a problem with WMV. It is NOT a problem with Vegas. Your problem is that after you made your changes - which is a good thing - you did not save those changes. Go see your YouTube at 1:57 you can still see that "Sony Camcorder Template" being used.

    OK, I just tested this and used your settings and SAVED the Template as a new Template called "TEST template". I rendered and I don't get those pillars.

    You may ask why, when using the "other" template does it work? It works 'cos those settings are already set within it and you aren't changing them. Change them and DON'T save the settings for that NEW Template and it will revert again.

    So, when changing a Template you need to save that NEW Template, THEN go ahead and render using that NEW Template by clicking on the SAVE in the Render As Menu. You didn't save in the Custom Settings Menu. Easily done.

    Check it out if I'm wrong. And I'll be the first to admit it.


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