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Thread: Hot Moves: Science of Awesome!

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    Default Hot Moves: Science of Awesome!

    Hollywood Camera Work released their latest instruction DVD in late November. It is called "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome" and it is a 1 DVD course for $69.

    It builds on the basic principals taught in their Master Course, but even without that requisite training this single disk is a fantastic stand-alone course on making super camera moves. I viewed the course yesterday and I endorse it as an EXCELLENT investment in film making self training.

    The link above leads to a video trailer and description of the course. Although many of the shots discussed are really high-end to do, a lot of the basics behind them can be applied to low-end crane and dolly techniques. Worth watching the trailer.
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    Nice find, I might have to pick that up, im always looking for good books and videos..

    here's few worth looking at as well.. the prices have come down a lot on them and they talk about cheap fixes for lighting and camera work.. I happen to have all of his videos and would highly recomend them as well..

    Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques 1 & 2
    Digital Lighting Magic Videos on 3 DVDs - learn the secrets of the top lighting pros
    The Wedding Videographer's Companion

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