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Thread: Do you like my video? What I do right/wrong?

  1. Default Do you like my video? What I do right/wrong?

    Hey all!

    I put my newest video to YouTube,and I would to hear your opinions about it. Also negative comments are welcome. I do freestyle football videos, which means doing tricks with football. But I try to make some story to those videos. I used effects, such as chroma key. You can also watch my other videos on YouTube.

    Thanks in advance for your interest!

    Happy New Year 2011!

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    Hi Laehtis, I think this is an improvement on your last video. The green screen needs some work. I think you need to study up on how to light a green screen shoot. You had a bid green outline. I see that you tried to put some narrative to the video so well done for that but it didn't work for me. Also the beginning bit went on to long, I think it should be shorter so this will give you more time to show off your football talents. OR have a stronger storyline to make that aspect more interesting.

    Well done.

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    Thank you for posting it. I agree with MidnightBlue; this a more interesting that your earlier clip (which featured you demonstrating your skills in garden).
    I may be wrong; but I don't think you have used a 'green screen'. It looks as if the outlines have been rotoscoped manually. And sadly, not very well. MB's comment about the lighting is vital. Whether the outlining was done manually or automatically by the software, you are left with strange ragged edges. And because of the lighting; these edges contain an strange looking shadows.
    I liked the high speed movement through the terrain. And how some red objects made the scenes come alive.
    I also like the slow motion (around 1:25).
    I thought some of the shots showed too much of the stadium, which detracted from the display of your skills.
    Keep up the experiments, you are getting better each time.

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    Thanks a lot for your comments and advices. Really appreciate it.
    I used chroma key (wall painted chroma-green behind me and chromakey-canvas on the floor). The wall and canvas are a bit different tone of green. For lighting I used a bright light bulb, which gives a gentle spotlight. I need more lights to light the chroma key wall to prevent the shadows. With Sony Vegas chromakey is able to make good, but due to shadows and different tones of chromakey colors, its hard to cut the green off without cutting my hair,for example,off (because shadows and my hair is almost same colour in chromakey clip).
    I know that I could do more tricks in this video,but my leg was a bit hurt so I decide to make a video with more tricks in the future. The story is maybe too quickly designed and I could think about it a bit longer.

    Again many thanks for your time and encouraging comments.Its always nice to see that I can get advices to my videos here.

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    Is this by any chance filmed in Seinšjoki? The sports hall looks familiar like one i visited!

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    I liked that temporary switch to B&W while putting your foot-gear on. The last half of the movie was much better than the first half for me. As far as the green screen thing goes, people with blonde hair often do better with a blue screen behind them.

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    Thanks for the advices paulears. The snowpart was made from stillframes, what I taked from video. The snow looks a bit blue,yah.
    @J Fish Video was filmed in Kuopio and the hall is Kuopiohalli, sounds familiar? But I think that Seinšjoki is a bit far from Kuopio...
    @Swoopie thanks for the commments=) I havent tested bluescreen, I dont know could it work better?

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