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Thread: Picture quality is bad - help!

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    Default Picture quality is bad - help!

    I record DV with my Panasonic AG DVC 30, mini DV. I use Sony Vegas MedSt 8.
    I have noticed when I render a DVD on my computer, that the outcome quality is not a sharp as when I render on a different computer. What is the main cause of that? I can only imagine it's the video card. What are the minimum requirements not to loose quality in the render or burning process? Or is it the firewire card?
    My video card is onboard:
    - Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    - Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0
    - Max. shared memory 224MB


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    Whilst I cannot help you with any suggestions, I can state categorically that it is nothing to do with the video cards as Vegas does not use the graphics processor for anything (OK the latest version does if it's CUDA, but then only for Sony AVC stuff. not MPEG2 which is what DVD uses.)

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    And it's nothing to do with the fire wire card. Why are you burning DVDs to play on your computer. A standard DVD will be interlaced and most computer monitors are progressive screens. Watch the DVD on a TV and see if it's better. The quality outcome can only be to do with the render settings. OR the the screen used for viewing. Most modern TVs and PC monitors will be more than adequate to view a DVD so long as you are not viewing it with a low resolution setting.

    What is the difference between the render settings on your computer and the other computer.

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