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    Hello again I have been going around online trying to get an answer to the question on how to achieve super smooth slow motion. Unfortunately everyone has their own ideas on how to achieve this. Every answer I have gotten on this forum has been super helpful so I'll throw it out there. At my disposal I have FCP the and the Adobe suite. Has anybody got any good way to get this smooth effect? Thanks again guys!

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    Well it depends if you want to spend a lot of money on a camera with a really fast frames per second Like this. OR just use a normal camera and make it slow in post. The things you need is a fast frames rate and shutter speed camera the faster the better. BUT if you are on a budget then shoot with the highest frame rate you can usually 50 or 60 fps and reduce the speed with your editing program. I would recommend to use the "interpolate fields" setting in the deinterlace method.

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    Like MB says, the higher the fps, the more you can slow it down without losing any quality. You can slow it right down to 24fps without losing the smoothness of the motion.

    If your camera only shoots in 24fps or 25fps (most handycams), then when decreasing the speed in Final Cut, tick the box that says 'Frame Blending'. It'll try and merge the slowed down frames so that there's movement between each one, that'll make it back up to 24fps or 25fps, which will make the motion looks slightly smoother.

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    The video attached has great example of slomo using a go Pro HD at a frame rate of 60fps. Also he gives good advice in achieving slomo using after effects in the video description.

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    I am very aware that I am replying to my own thread but I found a great video tutorial to achieve super slow motion within adobe after effects. VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seán McT View Post
    I am very aware that I am replying to my own thread
    I would only encourage people to post solutions they have found to problems they posted. I wish more would do so. Thanks Sean.

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