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    I bought a light from Jessops ( 60, 35watt - which I got for 38 ) that fixes to the shoe, it uses an external battery pack so it doesnt waste the cams juice up.

    I'm not too happy with it though, because it takes 12 hours to charge and then lasts 5 to 10 minutes. When it works its great for the first 5 minutes while its bright, then its very dim until it just turns off after 10 minutes.

    This sound about right? Or have I got a dodgy battery? Could anyone reccommend a better light for around 40?

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    does seem very short, but i don't have experience of these type of lights. I'd feel cheated if it only lasted that long. Can it draw power from the camera as an alternative, or is it battery pack only?
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    I had a similar problem. I now use a 5Ah Pag battery for it, and it lasts ages and ages. Expensive way round it though. Look out for them on EBay.

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    Do you have the same light as me? I'm not sure what battery packs will work with this because it seems to be pretty unique to me, not sure though..

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    more expecisve but an excellent light is the Paglight C6 kit. I think they're about 150 new but you can pick up bargains

    I suggest you keep your eye on this auction

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    Getting into the good but ridiculously expensive bracket is the hyperllight 471 from photon-beard.
    It lasts for hours, has a luverly soft light and hardly gives out any heat at all.
    Extensively used in the porn industry for close-ups, so I've been told.
    Only costs 359 quid.

    Just a silly suggestion...

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