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    Default more than 60 minutes?

    hello again,previous tips have been helpfull but i,m still struggling with this one. I have been informed that although all programs encode to mpeg 2 some use better compression techniques which result in more video being able to fit on a dvd. example i,m using sonic and can only get 60 minutes but the shop assistant uses ulead dvd and can fit 2 hours or more, also sonic downloads as avi then encodes before burning but ulead downloads in mpeg2 compliant form from camcorder, so this option must be a better one? am I going to waste money on (ulead dvd factory) or can this really be the answer to fitting more footage on disc. i allready own ulead slideshow creator and find the whole package a dream to use.

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    Its not the compression per se, but more the bitrate of your video. Certainly some encoders offer better quality compression for any given bitrate, but to get a few file sizes down low, you need to reduce the bitrate to the lowest compatible setting for DVD (and perhaps use MP2 audio rather than uncompressed PCM). With PCM audio, you can get approx 1.5 (one and a half ) hours of video on a DVD at an average bitrate of 8000kbits/sec (good quality), or 2 hours with MP2 audio (not strictly speaking DVD compliant, but playable in most standalone DVD players).

    I always encode my MPEG2 files in TMPGEnc, then import the MPEGs into Sonic DVDit! to author the VOB files and menus.
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    Default compressing

    thanks for reply marc, but its still all gobblegook to me being a newbie,i dont seem to have much sucess with tmpeg and when you talk about bitrate and pcm well thats all double dutch to me. so heres the big cahoona, how about a tomb raider sytyle walkthrough that i can print off and knowing which programmes to buy would send me scuttling to the shops pronto,with my trusty walkthrough and armed with the software some day, stephen spielberg might just give me a call?? your help and advice is invaluable to the likes of me but sometimes some of us need a tincy wincy bit more. heres hoping you can find the time,and once again thanks for so-far.

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    Okay, I'll sit down tommorow evening to write a guide to encoding to DVD (explaining about bitrate etc) - or maybe someone else will jump in before me
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    Must apologise... with the greatest of intentions, I started the guide on the train to work this morning... but after a gym session and realising it was a work mate's birthday and a rather long lunch followed by an equally long evening.. I didn't get around to finishing it Hopefully tommorow
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    I'm looking forward to learning more about "bit rates."

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    Been slow going, but I managed to write the first part of the guide in the guides part of the forum. A guide ti TMPGenc to follow tommorow
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    Default guides

    found that first one very helpfull in explaining terms, when will tmpeg be ready,keep up the good work.

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