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    Default Telephone Audio, Millsy

    I'd like to add some voices to my videos, I saw in a DVD of mine that the commentary has some kind of effect resulting in the speech sounding like it would do if you were hearing it over the phone. Marc said Millsy would know how to do it because he's done it before? Millsy, I'd love some help please!

    Thanks alot..

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    you could try using a high-pass filter, after some experimenting in Audacity (free to download from here:

    I could make a pretty good telephone type sound using Effects>High-pass filter and a value of around 1000 in the box.

    I expect you can do this in an editing app too.

    I'm just having fun playing with sound at the moment, hence suggesting this program elsewhere in the forum recently.
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    Thanks, I just had a bang at the high-pass filter and that did the trick. My only problem now is the unbareably low volume coming from my video after Premiere. I cant have the master volume above -6 because the audio then crackles. Just cant win!

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    Sorry for the late reply. Marc's sort of correct but not quite. I altered a voice fro the phone conversation but only because it was me on both ends and I wanted oen sode to sound different. I didn't do anything to give a telephone effect as such, just changed the pitch/tone of y own voice so it wouldn't sound (so much) liek I was just talking to myself.

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    Default Telephone effect

    Telephones (old ones) lack any top end (treble) or bottom (bass).

    To simulate a telephone voice simply drop/cut all of the bass and treble leaving only the mid frequencies. You may need to play around to get the exact effect according to the source that you use!

    Hope this helps

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