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Thread: Audio channels missing when video rendered

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    Default Audio channels missing when video rendered

    I've just switched to Vegas Platinum 9 from Corel Video Studio. Problem I have is after splashing about some sound effects and voice overs on seperate tracks, some of the tracks don't render to the final cut. Nothing is muted or turned down and all monitor well in the editing process. Any ideas?

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    What format are you rendering to?

    On what device/software are you watching/listening to your new render?


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    Ah! You say some of the tracks? Have made a selection that includes those tracks?

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    Don't know what happened to my reply of yesterday. Seems all tracks are selected. I've listened to the rendered file on several players. Tracks still missing.

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    What format are you rendering to? Check to make sure you've included Audio as part of your render.

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