Cinecomp Software introduces HDstreamTools v1.2.0221
The multi-tool of video editing

Cinecomp Software introduced HDstreamTools v1.2, a standalone professional video multi-tool that processes, improves and converts videos into fast and friendly editable formats. All HD video formats (4:2:0 chroma format) from HDV, AVCHD and newest HDSLR cameras are supported, videos are loaded directly from cameras/memory cards or capture via firewire from HDV cameras. Video editors are slowed down when dealing with highly compressed videos and different video formats, by providing processed videos in edit friendly formats, the video editors are relieved of performing these tasks, speeding up the edition and the final rendering.

HDstreamTools includes video trimming: one or more video parts can be selected for processing to several files saving disk space and making the editing easier. The video trimming user interface is easy to use and allows to preview the video while selecting the parts for processing.

Video processing features include formats conversion, scaling to HD and SD/DVD formats (to and from progressive and interlaced formats), chroma upsampling to 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 formats,frame rate conversions, video filtering and enhancing for low bitrate videos (deblocking and deartifacting), cinetone filter for a slight cinetone look or restoring underexposed video areas, digital zoom, audio extraction, scenes index, and video flip for 35mm adapters.

HDstreamTools includes high quality frame rate conversions using motion adaptive techniques:
60i Pulldown removal to 24p and 25p
Convert 60i/60p/50i/50p to 24p and 25p
Convert between 24p and 25p
Convert 60i to 60p and 50i to 50p
Convert 60p to 60i and 50p to 50i
Convert 60i/60p to 24p/25p slow motion and slight slow motion
Convert 50i/50p to 24p/25p slow motion

HDstreamTools also organizes, renames and backups the original videos automatically, adds timecode tracks (in MOV format), and extracts metadata information, including aperture, shutter speed and focal length (from HDV,AVCHD,and other formats cameras, when supported by manufacturer). Fully compatible with 2 and 6 channels 5.1 audio tracks, audio pitch is corrected when changing original video framerate.

Video batch processing is fast, supporting newest multi-core CPUs. The easy to use user interface shows all the important parameters without entering in complicated or hide menus, allowing a quick and easy configuration.


- Standalone application

easy to use, improves and converts hd videos to edit friendly formats, organizing and speeding up the video edition. Fast batch processing supporting multi core CPU support. Processed videos can be saved to AVI or MOV including timecode track, encoded using MJPEG/PhotoJPEG and DNxHDcodecs or to AVI using any VFW codec installed.

- Video trimming and enhancing

Don't waste disk space and organize the video editing by processing and saving only the selected video segments. HDstreamTools includes video filters designed to improve bad quality videos: deblocking, deartifacting. Also includes powerful cinetone filter to add a slight cine tone look without degrading video quality, or restore underexposed video areas. High quality digital zoom without resampling to avoid vignetting.

- Powerful video formats conversion

converts videos between several formats,changing interlacing,size and framerate. Convert progressive or interlaced HD to high quality interlaced SD/DVD formats. Pulldown removal. Motion adaptive deinterlacing. Special conversion modes to 24p/25p from interlaced and progressive formats. Perfect slow motion from progressive and interlaced formats. Supports 2 and 6 channels audio tracks, automatic audio pitch correction.

- Video organization,

organizes and renames video files directly from camera, backups original files, and adds timecode tracks. Saves video frames index in JPG format including timecode information. Extracts metadata information (when available,from HDV,AVCHD and HDSLR cameras),including aperture,shutter speed and focal length, and can add this info to video file names.

System requirements

Windows XP,Vista and 7, 32 or 64 bits, 1Mb RAM, 40Mb HD for installation.

Apple Mac version is on development stage, spected to ship in early 2011.

Pricing and availability:

HDstreamTools v1.2 is available for $69.95 (special launch offer)

Free trial version:

For more information and full featured free trial version please go to Cinecomp Sotfware web site:

Cinecomp Software - HDstreamTools - The multi-tool of video editing

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