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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Movieboard 12.1,and trial14, no sound on analog capture

  1. Default Pinnacle Studio Movieboard 12.1,and trial14, no sound on analog capture

    I'm new here, sorry alot of info...

    P-35 Platinum MS-7345 Mobo
    Windows XP Home Edition SP3
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs)
    2.4 GHz, 3328 MB RAM (3.3GB)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT (512 Memory Size)
    Realtek HD Audio Output Sound
    DirectX version: 9.0c
    Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035wm Series
    NERO 9 / Pinnacle Studio Movieboard 12.1 with PCI-500

    I have an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz. GeForce 8600GT with 512MB memory and 3.33 Computer RAM, I read somewhere even on the Studio 12 requirements, that when I buy a newer HD AVCHD Camcorder, it is recommended to have a 2.66 MHz or higher CPU for AVCHD 1920x1080 Format and will also need a UDF 2.5 Driver for WinXP Home ED. Does this mean I would have to upgrade from my ($300) Intel 2.4 CPU to a higher, faster CPU to be able to harness the benefits of this newer AVCHD technology?

    When I go into the CAPTURE for Analog composites devices such as my JVC analog Camcorder, VCR to capture, these are my presets in Studio12.1.

    Movieboard Studio 12 > for a Analog VHS-C, or analog Camcorder -
    MPEG CAPTURE Three options Video CD, SVCD Compatible, and DVD Compatible.

    Video Source Pinnacle 500-PCI
    TV Standard – NTSC 4.3
    AUDIO – Realtek HAD Primary Input – line Volume (from onboard soundcard
    Using supplied Studio audio cable from camera RCA analog audio to soundcard)
    AVI or MPEG 1/ or 2 (I have AVI enabled)
    DATA RATE– 6000 kbits/sec

    Unless I’m Capturing from a MPEG 1 or 2 file from digital camera, that I have to worry about these settings below? Right now, I want to capture analog AVI Composite video.

    MPEG TYPE > Mpeg1, Mpeg2
    RESOLUTION> 352x480, 480x480, 720x480

    I have my JVC analog camcorder hooked up as follows:
    From Camcorder >VIDEO-OUT to PCI-500 VIDEO IN
    From Camcorder AUDIO OUT to LINE-IN to my Onboard soundcard (Realtek HD)

    I’m not very sure about the MPEG settings, since I want to capture only old analog VHS video for now.

    12.1 maybe stable in our present computers, it's just that I would think for getting this newer STUDIO 14 ultimate software free after rebates, it's always better to get the newest, more bells and whistles, etc., and always upgrade if possible to the next version, especially if it's FREE, but if the CPU upgrade, and the more memory Graphics than my 512MB are major requirements for using the newer AVCHD, then I'll have to think about buying and installing both a newer, faster GPU, and a faster than my present 2.4 GHz Quad Q6600 CPU…..Right?.
    Tried this - Clicked on Video Input > COMPOSITE,

    PRESETS - AVI, CUSTOM – GOOD, (I’ll try “BETTER” next time)

    AUDIO SETTINGS – Include Audio is checked. PCM
    When I turn on the camcorder I can see the preview of the video, but when I press START CAPTURE, The preview screen goes black and the ‘Captured’ counter is at 00:00:00:00, and the Frames dropped is ‘0’.

    STILL NO SOUND FROM analog CAPTURE - Ok, I downloaded the Free 15 day Pinnacle Studio 14 Trial version, hooked it up the way I did from last post above, and yes, I can capture video from analog camcorder, but no sound from video. There must be something somewhere turned off, although when I unplug the audio RCA from the camera and the sound card (which was line-in, from camera to computer) and plug in my speakers (line-out) I do get normal window sounds and my music. Weird. I have updated my GPU driver recently and the date is 10-16-2010 version 6.14.0012.6099, also my Realtek HD audio.

    Thank you!

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    Hi and happy Holidays!
    Well after a pondering of obvious choices, I uninstalled the TRIAL 14 Studio and bought and installed the Newest Studio 14 Ultimate, since it was free after the rebates anyway,and thought it would be easier to capture analog VHS-C tapes. It did capture the tapes,and then no sound. I checked the Sound recorder (Start > All Programs > Accessories) .... it was set at PCM 44khz/16 Bit Stereo) My STUDIO Capture Audio settings were PCM 48Khz.
    What is normal audio settings in Studio using analog Mono?
    Anyway, I rehooked the audo from camera to LINE-IN on soundcard and VIDEO IN to Pinnacle PCI-500 card. I tried a Composite source,record with audio-ON,tried a capture and it captured both video and audio, BUT audio is off sync by a few seconds.
    Would it be best to go buy a Toshiba DVR670 DVD RECORDER about $250.00 o less (VCR to DVD) record to DVD disc,then open the DVD in Studio 14 and capture certain foortage off burned DVD?
    What makes this issue with the off sync and video in the first place?
    I have ATT as my IPS. I can only send 25MB files or less to e-mail. What format would be the best looking,most used format to send through to e-mail, or to post on youtube? I captured and saved as a
    AVI > DVD compatible file.

    I send it to myself, but could NOT open in Winamp,Quicktime,or Windows media Player...WindowsMPlayer prompted me to purchase an MPEG-2 Video codec to be able to play in WindowsMPlayer. Why in the Heck don't they incliude that codec in their software free of charge??? A friend of mine said she could open it in FLP flash player. I could open it in NERO SHOWTIME, but not everyone has that program.

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    Because of a possible Paging file problem when I import video to my boot C:\ Drive,I changed the directory to import video to my secondary 500GB HDD, with no paging files (0) to free up resources when capturing using my JVC Analog Camera with VHS-C tapes.

    I have an on board sound card (RealtekHD Audio) separate than my PCI-500 Capture on ny Mobo that I bring the Video in and the sound is about 5 to 8 seconds out of sync!. Someone also metioned going through START UP at MSCONFIG and shut off programs that may interfere with the capture process,with programs running in the background,but I'm afraid I might delete an important windows START UP program that is needed.

    All I know is that Pinnacle Support told me that they recommend the PRESETS are set at MPEG, Video Compression Codec is MPEG2,and Audio is MP2 with the DATARATE set at 6 Mbit. But others tell me to set the PRESET at AVI capture not MPEG2, so you see my confusion here.

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    So I'll tell you what I have to work with -

    A friends SONY VRD VC-20 Video recorder DVD drive with ( FireWire,DV IN,S-Video IN,Yellow Video IN,Audio-Right / Left)

    Pinnacle Studio 14 HD with PCI-500 Capture with (Video IN, Video Out, S-Video IN, S-Video OUT,and FireWire)

    And old JVC 1997 GR-AXM25U Analog Camcorder with (one Audio OUT, Video OUT JLIP, and RF DC out)

    An old Panasonic PV8451 VCR with RCA Composite AUDIO IN/OUT, VIDEO IN/OUT ONLY, (( no FireWire, Component, or S-Video ))

    Tons of VHS-C camcorder tapes I want to capture (using most audio on video) edit, create chapters,effects, then burn to DVDS.

    *Any ideas on what scenario(s) could possible work using any of the above hardware/software for the (best analog capture with the best sound and video in sync? My issues is the sound does not match the video when being captured from camcorder. I've tried starting the camcorder, pausing it until I see the video frame on my Studio preview Capture screen then hit record, but it still goes out of sync.
    I free up most resources, Run Defrag,empty temp Files, recycle bin, Clean Disc,start-up programs,etc. record file to onboard WD500 Data HDD (no paging files) My Boot drive is WD Raptor 74GB with paging files) so I don't output to there.
    Someone else wrote, and doubt it was you, " After going through Studio 7 (around 2002), 8, 9, 10 and 11....I hit snags with the out-of-sync stuff (from analog only) with every version. Recently, I bought the Canopus ADVC110, and it finally seemed to take care of the problem...Maybe a solution!"

    My response:

    So this Canopus ADVC110 Analog/Digital converter is the hot ticket?

    I'm thinking the issues with my out if sync issues may have or a lot with me hooking up the audio from camcorder to an on-board sound card, independent from the Video from camcorder to the pinnacle PCI-500 Capture device.

    Can you tell me if this Canopus hardware also edits and burns with any type of editing, effects software, or would I still be able to use that in PINNACLE STUDIO 14 for finishing effects before burning to DVD?

    Did you uninstall your PCI-500 capture, if you ever did have one before?

    Also, does it really matter which DVD-R+, DVD-R- Blanks I use for final burn?

    Has anyone have any bad stories from using the CANOPUS ADVC110?

    Before I go out and spend more $$$ on more capture/editing/burning software/hardware, my friend just let me borrow her old SONY VRD-VC20 Video recordable Drive to burn either to DVD, or to computer, but it also came with NERO6 software, probably included on the supplied DVDirect Software Disc Rev. 6.10W. Disc

    At present, I have NERO 9 and this old SONY VRD-VC20 hardware came with NERO 6 software, probably included on the supplied DVDirect Software Disc Rev. 6.10W. ? Is it Possible to use this SONY DVD burner as a pass-through from analog composite camcorder > Sony VRD-VC20 > Digital output to computer for capture into Studio14?

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