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Thread: PLs Help me with Sony Vegas!

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    Default PLs Help me with Sony Vegas 9.0!

    Hey guys,my name is Dalma and i have a big problem i cant solve.Ive been searching for anwsers and solutions on the internet but nothing helped.

    I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7,so i had to download Sony Vegas again to W7.When i downloaded it,everything was working just fine exept when i import a video and i want to play it in the project nothing happens.I press the play button,i hit the space button,but still nothing.I can see the clips and i can move the clips and the cursor in the timline and stuff but when i want to watch it nothing happens.I see the play button is pressed,but the cursor(i dont know how its called,that line which is in the timline) doesnt move and neither does the clip OR the audio which in this situation i cannot hear,so i aint got audio either.

    I converted my videos into the right formats,i know that cuz on my Windows XP Sony Vegas was running just fine with those formats so i dont think that is the problem.

    PLS if you can help me,i really dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!
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    What is the format of the clips on the time line. use Gspot to identify if you have the codec required to run it.

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    Its MPEG-4,but i also tried with MOV too and still the same.Cant play vdeos on timeline and i dont have audio either...

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    Firstly don't edit in .mov it's rubbish for editing in Vegas. Did Gspot say you have the codecs installed ?

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    I downloaded what Gspot suggested and it worked,so THANK YOU SOO MUCH )))

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