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Thread: "Afterall". An animation and song

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    Default "Afterall". An animation and song

    This is my latest animation. Lots of different learning curves all occuring at the same time.
    Even so, I can see errors. So - next time, I must do better.

    Regulars readers may recognise this is the first time I have integrated a story into a clip. I don't want to claim it worked; but it was fascinating trying.

    I am ready for whatever venom my peers now wish to bite me with.
    Thank you in advance for any comments.

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    Flipping eck Tim. It may not be a Pixar production but you have certainly put a bucket load of work into it. I just don't know how you can have the patience to do this type of thing. Animation is so hard these days because of the expectations of the viewer after Toy Story etc. but I loved this. This song is beautiful and the imagery is amazing. Ok, it's not perfect like you said but it is a billion times better than anything I could do. Can I ask why you kept the tee shirt of the guy at 1:45 in 2D when everything else is in 3D ?

    Big kudos to you.

    Did I say I LOVED the song.

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    Hey dude,

    I liked it and i know its hard after like Midnight sed its a tough 1 to break toy story but theres always flash as stick men and a background of a notepad is enuff to please most viewers now-a-days compared to this i'd prefer the stick man

    Nice effort and i can only imagine how much effort you put in

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    Thank you for your comments. In part, the project I set myself was to make use the "3d" objects which are available free (for non-commercial use), create virtual rooms and use them to tell a story. Regular readers may know that I only own a Flip camera; so vast amounts of my knowledge about filming comes from reading these forums.

    I suspect the time taken to produce it would have been similar had I got real sets and props and talents; and hired the necessary jigs and lighting etc etc. The actual rendering, where the computer has to calculate and render all the frames were done as overnight batch runs. I estimate the total rendering time for the 4 min animation was approx 150 hours. In addition, I wrote copious amounts of computer code in my (failed) attempt to do lipsync.
    However, many tasks were identical to standard filmmaking. It was the first time I had written a storyboard and the required timings for each shot. I was also very concious of comments in other threads about lighting, camera movements and editing, but I recognise that I failed in some respects.

    I believe ToyStory quality animation will become widespread and easier to produce in the next decade. The animation in TV adverts has come alot better recently (e.g. Lloyds Bank; and British Gas); however learning to use the software applications is still annoyingly difficult.

    MidnightBlue identified the 2d chap(oops!). There are several other similar errors littered around. Rather too many to list here. Several scenes were rendered more than once, so I even have a collection of 'outtakes', afterall, you can't have people's clothes falling off or walking through walls!

    Thank you for your comments about the song. (I wrote it, but I do not play on it). I shall pass your comments to the singer, who will be delighted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    I believe ToyStory quality animation will become widespread and easier to produce in the next decade.
    I suspect you're right, Tim, and I certainly hope that the groundwork you are putting in now will stand you in good stead for producing animations which will be much better than the average when that day comes. I'm really very impressed with what you've achieved here: the complexities of lifelike movement must be a real headache.

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